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Title: AGENT 47 Harbinger-Driven By Randy Pobst (Full Version)
Published: Dec 19, 2013

Randy Pobst, a well-respected and decorated professional driver for Hot Rod magazine, takes the Agent 47 Harbinger for a few hot laps and grants a our request for a candid review of the car afterwards.

The Harbinger was selected to participate in this year's Optima® Ultimate Street Car Challenge and finished 11th, among some very stiff competition!

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Publication: Hotrod Magazine
Article: 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 302 - Rapid Prototype
The Tech-Savvy Offspring of a Pro Touring Pioneer
Author: Mike Finnegan
Photography: Jessica Walker

The Harbinger (pronounced "har-ben-jer" and meaning one that foreshadows what is to come) is a minimal-compromise, road-ripping missile of a car covered in a '69 Mustang Boss 302-esque wrapper. It's street-legal and race-legal (depending on class and sanctioning body), and one of these 250 serial-numbered rollers will set you back approximately $160,000.

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