Agent 47 was founded in 2005 to explore the possibilities of creating a modern classic, maintaining the timelessness of craftsmanship and fabrication melded with race winning chassis design, modern aerodynamic details and state of the art engineering.

This journey has allowed us to hone our past experiences into the creation of a very pure driving experience with our latest creation, the Harbinger. This car is what we believe to be the absolute best interpretation of a modern classic. Taking the 1969 Trans-Am Mustang and transforming it into a highly capable, track pounding street car that drives like a modern racecar with an undeniably American spirit.

This classic design coupled with aerodynamic improvements, our own race winning suspension design, and meticulous fabrication make all the difference in this limited edition vehicle, The Harbinger.

Weight3,040 lbs (race trim)
Power420 RWHP/385 RWTQ
Drive 6 speed manual close ratio trans
Speedway 9" housing with floating axles
4:11 final drive
Wheels/Tires 18"AGENT 47 / Forgeline wheels
315 front / 335 rear
BrakesWilwood Lightweight
6 piston front / 4 piston rear
Weight Distribution50/50
AerodynamicsFully sealed front end with ducted hood, modified headlight buckets with lexan covers, chin spoiler, flush mount windshield, shaved drip rails, rear valance delete. Race mode: splitter and aero front bumper cover, G stream wing.
Cage Minimal Restriction, Full Visibility, Street Friendly Inner Structure with optional bolt-in door and down bars for competition use.
Suspension A47 Front SLA suspension with SN-95 rack and pinion steering A47 Rear 3 Link rear suspension including speedway housing and watts link
Note: These are the specs for the Harbinger X2. Options available.